Chemistries - Environmental Facts

No pollution. No tailings ponds. No problems.

The VPC Process in concert with CAC-24 will STOP the pollution associated with conventional bitumen recovery.

The VPC Process produces inert solid tailings that are free of bitumen and have zero environmental contaminants. The tailings are also dryable and stackable. There is no leaching, no need for ponding, no costs to pond, no legacy problems, no reclamation issues.

75% reduced water usage

Water Usage - VARY Petrochem

The VPC High Shear Process requires 75% less water than conventional recovery processes. The cost to transport the water is dramatically reduced as is the energy cost associated with heating the water. Additionally any water that returns to the environment does so without even so much as a whisper of any environmental contaminants. The VPC Process does not use naphtha or any other solvent, therefore no naphthenic acid is created and carried in process water.

20% Reduction in Greenhouse Gases

Safety Issues - VARY Petrochem

The VPC process replaces the Clark Hot Water Process, and in so doing, immediately eliminates myriad motors, pumps, machinery and other ancillary processing—and the energy required for operation. This significant reduction in energy consumption translates to a 20% reduction in greenhouse gases. For example, the VPC process:

• Eliminates all scroll centrifuges
• Eliminates froth treatment and all associated equipment
• Eliminates tailings and therefore all energy involved in digging ponds and transporting/pumping tailings

Less material tracking, less paperwork, fewer headaches

Anyone involved in the conventional bitumen recovery process is well aware of the enormity of paperwork, time and associated costs involved in tracking/reporting materials such as solvents or diluents.

CAC-24 is comprised primarily of insoluble salts (ionic salts), which require no tracking. The environmental compliance for CAC-24 and its elements—and the associated tracking is minimal.

Safety issues—there are none

Not a single hazardous material or carcinogen such as naphtha (which is widely used in the conventional extraction process), results from the VPC High Shear Process. There are no solvents used anywhere in the extraction process and thereby, no solvent leaching. The entire VPC Process---from start to finish---is safe for workers, safe for the land, the air and the water, safe for humans, safe for wildlife, safe for pets.