Reinventing the bitumen extraction process.

VARY Petrochem (VPC) is a unique R&D company whose primary field of expertise and focus is separating bitumen and other petroleum based materials from tailings (including MFTs), froth, oil sands and petro sludge. We solve problems through the use of breakthrough chemistries and processes. We develop solutions that will result in higher bitumen recovery, reduced operating costs and greater profits while eliminating the creation of any environmental contaminants.

Focusing on developing revolutionary chemistries and processes, VPC brings a different approach to the table. Rather than improve on existing technologies we introduce new chemistries and processes to the petroleum industry.

Case in point: thinking outside the solvent box.

Game-changing technology in oil sands bitumen extraction — a completely solvent and VOC-free extraction process. - Find out more

The VPC High Shear Process

The process utilizes the CAC-24 chemistry in combination with high shear to seperate bitumen from solids, including fine clay - without forming froth or intractable emulsions. The more shear, the more effective the process.